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I got caught up over the understanding of Christianity yesterday and didn’t share on chapter 8 of Judges. What I saw. So I will post both chapters 8 and 9. Chapter 8 is a bit longer, 9 is short.

In chapter 6 as recap, Gideon was told to take on the Midianites. Even he doubted.

Chapter 7 continues. Gideon had amassed 22,000 men willing to go into battle. God said, cut that amount to 300… against a huge military might of the Midianites– those who stopped at the stream to drink first. God ‘sifted them,’ I suspect by faith in God vs. their own arrogance. Hmm. Us? Our church leaders?

So, this small band (needed Living Water… ) and on their own were small and weak (reminds me of those in Philadelphia, the city near the modern city of Manisa in Turkey mentioned in Revelation, also called the ‘seat of Satan,’ in chapter three).

The Israelites were surrounded by evil, evil people, cruel and brutal (the same people in Genesis who sold Joseph into slavery in Egypt). The numbers were so great they were unable to count them. God gave one man a dream that Israel was about a loaf of barely. Barley was considered the inferior grain.

When he told Gideon, this encouraged him, again like in Revelation to the church of Philadelphia. Gideon separated the 300 into 3 companies with empty jars they smashed (breaking chains of evil?).

At the sound of the jars being destroyed and the trumpet (shofar), God’s very presence threw the Midianites into complete confusion and then they turned on themselves, killing one another. This original army was 135,000 give or take. The remainder of these invaders dropped to 22,000.

confusion of the Midianites

Many, but not all believers joined, encouraged. They captured the evil leaders of the Midianites and too the to the rock (? um… Jesus typology?), killed them (Jesus’ death on the cross, nailing sin/evil to that cross?) and brought the heads (yuck) back as a sign to the Israelites as God’s victory over demonic forces.

The weak are only strong in God. This is reiterated throughout the Tanakh and the New Testament. “The victory is the LORD’s,” “This is the word of the LORD to Zerubbabel: “Not by might nor by power, but by my Spirit,” says the LORD Almighty… and ”And He said to me, “My grace suffices you, for My power is perfected in weakness.” ‘Therefore will I boast rather most gladly in my weaknesses, so that the power of Christ may rest upon me.’

Now, in chapter 8, like the time of Jesus, Jews at that time refused to 1. give help to Gideon and 2. did not recognize God as royalty with the wealth and riches of the kingdom to come and freedom, as did the Gentiles. Gideon pronounced the final judgement for those who rejected God and returned to idol worship– with their death. Sad. But historical.

One may think I don’t…

…I don’t write fiction. I do, but spend a lot more time praying and reading for the guidance of the Holy Spirit. Now, I get it, not everyone wants to hear it, some do, so here is Judges chapter 2.

I am late again today. Blame it on the dire need for coffee because of a late night. So… here it is, and as always, me? Not a theologian. That’s your caveat for the post.

Judges chapter 2: God repeats (again, as in this is so important you’d better remember it) the deliverance from Egypt to the Promised Land (from bondage of sin to freedom and heaven). Here He says he will never break His covenant with Israel, though they be faithless. He would chastise them, judge them, but not forsake them.

So… despite this, once Joshua died, the Israelites disobeyed and fell back into idol worship (because 4 of the tribes of Israel didn’t rout out evil nations, ie sin (‘a little leaven, leavens the whole lump’ Jesus’ words about allowing evil into the synagogues/church, just as we have). Israel quickly forgot (early church, think Galatians specifically, also Revelation) God.

So God gave them back to slavery and bondage to sin through their desire for other nations and their idols. God, however, raised up righteous judges who were faithful in their faith and duties (like our Christian spiritual leaders throughout the world) who suffered under persecution and He saved them (spiritually). People followed whatever they wanted (Romans, Galatians, Timothy etc) and they were judged (as we will face).

He allowed to their willingness of great and painful testing by allowing cruel, evil nations–they lost all. As did the early church, as the Catholics suppressed the word of God, and oppressed the people with harsh law, leading them to Mary worship and works). Those ‘leaders’ will be held accountable for what they pressed upon the people–even driving them from faith. I find this sad, something we must pray about, and for those still in great bondage!

Back to Joshua

Egypt could not hold Israel from crossing the Jordan. Bondage of sin to freedom from sin, all hate, and violence.

Passover-Door in Egypt

I have been remiss! Of, course. I won’t be trekking through the previous chapters, however, those are posted on FB, MeWe, and USA.Life.

So it was a wonderful day in the book of Joshua. Honestly, I wasn’t expecting to see a lot there, however, I was wrong. *I am not a theologian* so be aware of that small factoid. So lemme move right into it.

Chapter 20. GOD said 1. for the accidental murder of another i.e. could not be helped (kinda like original sin) 2. tribes were to create 12 cities of refuge (the 12 gates of.. heaven?) 3. and could flee there for protection 4. stand before the elders (judge[s]) 5. Stand outside the gate to present their case 5. and confess what happened. 6. The elders (judge[s]) then admit him/her in the city for a place to live 7. and not allow the accuser to pursue (ie react in hate– I see this as prophetic of Satan who Jesus says is here to steal, kill, and destroy) 8. until the death of the High Priest (ah, would this be a prophecy of Jesus’ death on the cross?) 9. then the man/woman freed to his/her home (freed from any clutches of sin/Satan) and 10.– applies to Jews & gentiles, those gentiles who align themselves to the LORD (i.e. believers).

Prophecy fulfilled and to be finally fulfilled before the judgment throne? Welcomed by God into the great Kingdom? Yep. I think the answer is yes. 

Christ the Reedemer

Once again, I am not a theologian and am looking at this as a reader not an expert. Praying always that the Holy Spirit will guide.

Always open to correction. 

More Prophecy in Joshua


Have I been remiss again?

Yep. I have been posting on daily study of Deuteronomy and now into the Book of Joshua. Today is another day of prophetic symbols not fulfilled until Yeshua. I find it interesting that JOSHUA means YESHUA in Greek, JESUS. So, pretty much all of Joshua has been thoroughly prophetic.

While I post these almost every day, I hope you read the Bible in its entirety. Unless you want to be led down paths of ignorance. And I HAVE BEEN THERE so no judgment.

Passover-Door in Egypt

CH 4 of Joshua, FULL of prophecy. Here ’tis. FIRST: This takes place on PASSOVER again! From Egypt (slavery to sin) across the Jordan from death to eternal life) The Lord told Joshua to lead the entire (all 12 tribes) to 1. cross the Jordan 2. while He held the waters back 3. carrying stones from the Jordan to the other side. All Israel. To cross the Jordan (death) while God held the waters back (so those passing through death would not die and be lost ( representing not just spiritual death x 2 ie natural and into faith but God who accomplished it) across it, and each of the 12 tribes to take a stone ( large, not teeny) to erect on the other side (ooh, the Promised Land, heaven) for remembrance to place in front of the ark (the ark, if you recall is 3 parts- that the Holy of Holies with the stones of the 10 commandments – law; Manna- Bread of Life; and Aaron’s budding staff – life out from the wood representing the cross-both OT, NT, the lid, the mercy seat- that which we are not given punishment for what we deserve in front of the judgment seat, that which we DO deserve; the 2 angels protecting it as the 2 angels protected the body of Jesus) where the tent separated from the people only approachable by the High Priest separated tent in between the Holy of Holies {prophetic when it was torn top to bottom when Christ died on the cross… representing no access directly to the Father until Jesus died and was resurrected).

Holy of holies

The Holy place, just beyond the curtain, also only accessible by the High Priest filled with bread on a table, incense- the Holy Spirit) and the outer court, in front facing the people, where anyone could enter (the house of God) only with a High Priest who sacrificed for that person (representing Jesus as sacrifice) in the presence of the High Priest who turned then toward the back of the outer court to wash his hands in the laver (symbolic of baptism, the death of an animal for the scapegoat so to speak, ie also Jesus).

temple explained

Caveat: Not a theologian here…


Well… whoops! Where did I leave my brain? I have not shared chapters 26 or 27. Because of the yuge amount of prophecy, I will post each chapter separately.

CHP 26 Deuteronomy — git yer pen out  – v1- God promises Israel’s entry into the Promised Land (not fulfilled yet, and represents heaven). Vs 2- He keeps His promise to bring them out of slavery (picture of slavery to sin). Vs 7-8 into redemption (yet to come) v9- the promise of His word (heaven). Vs 12 God gives to all both alien and Israel His favor (aliens being citizens of Israel, aligned with God). Vs 15 — Israel looks forward to the promised land (faith that God will bring them to heaven), Israel (all, Jews and aliens) is His treasured possession. Wow to me? This is prophecy fulfilled in Christ.

And… Deuteronomy chapter 27 vs 2- 3 –WHEN the Israelites enter the Promised Land (promise from God into heaven). Vs 3 — the Jordan River represents death, the crossing into the promised land (resurrection into life). vs 5 — Do not use iron upon stone (representing sin here and the stone represents the cornerstone, Christ), vs 6-7 and the Israelites are to offer their firstfruits (their heart, soul, mind– remember the sin of Adam caused the death of the spirit i.e. original sin which passed to the rest of us) without lip service, for fellowship with God (our peace is with and through Christ only). Again, I will add, Bible school does not make me a theologian!

Christ the Reedemer

Bless your day!

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I believe I have been seriously lacking in the sharing department.

Been crazy busy with the stuff of writing/rewriting/self-editing and stashing $$ away for a pro-editor. So, um… sorry!

jim carrey typing.gif

I have moved into Deuteronomy and at chapter 18 (I won’t go into chapters 1-17 for semi-brevity’s sake).

Whee, I had full 2 cups of coffee so… ok there is that. Ch 18 *remember me, zip theologian but I pray for God’s wisdom. I hope to be wise in His wisdom, not mine…

christian fool

This is yet another chapter chockfull of prophecy. Those who knew the old testament would totally get this. There is no doubt. VS 1-6, the Levites mediate for the Israelites between man and God and otherwise had no inheritance of land. They were to rely on the gifts of Israel. OK let’s do a fast-forward thousands of years later.

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> !

Jesus said he had no place to lay his head. He relied on Israel to provide for his ministry of mediation. He is the one and the only priest that is our mediator, we need no more sacrifice, no other mediator (ie Mary, she is dead and buried and doesn’t/can’t answer you to mediate, speak to Jesus for us… this is not even in Scripture).

mary not our mediator


The priests (Levites) were free to move, to minister where they pleased (as did Jesus). The offerings were made by fire and oil (Holy Spirit) wine (blood), and the firstfruits, the best, the pure (Jesus). The priests’ inheritance was the LORD.


We have become priests (we don’t need another mediator ie catholic priests…ie the Pope etc). ‘No one comes to the Father but THROUGH me.’ VS 18 Jesus speaks of fulfilling the spirit of the law, not lip service. Remember: we are free from the OT and Jesus was reminding the Pharisees and religious leaders that their arrogance led them into this. He fulfilled the words of this prophecy and spoke in the name of the Lord.


This, the Israelites, the religious leaders, understood. This is why they wanted him to shut up, go away, and finally get rid of him. The Romans? Oh, so totally involved in the worst of ways. So all of mankind stands guilty of His death on the cross. Can I get an amen?? I pray today for His wisdom and that the words from me do not obsess about politics etc. etc. because my own self can stand in the way of HIS will.

praying hands

A Jump from Numbers to Gospel of Matthew


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I did read Numbers 31, however, it is about the Israelites once again in complete disobedience to GOD’s Word. I also read the Gospel of Matthew (not quite half).

Yeshua explains the real meaning of the Law, the prophets and where our treasure should like, not in stuff or ourselves but in Him, storing up treasure in heaven. I truly believe GOD alone is our treasure, not crowns… He quotes the Tenakh heavily.

This, by the way, was highly disliked teachings by religious leaders, and likely freaked out the regular folk who couldn’t fathom being better than the Pharisees.

I read chap 1-11. Remember, Matthew, the writer of this Gospel, was a tax collector (vilified like the IRS…) but 1. Jewish 2. meticulous. He wrote the genealogy of the earthly father, why? Because it was tradition of Jewish history. Which is why you will find a difference between Matthew and Luke. Luke was a physician, again meticulous but a gentile, so he like doctors have done like, forever, took a full history and Mary’s genealogy was listed.

Tanakh Chapter 28 and More

Yesterday, I accidentally reported that I read Numbers 28 and commented on it. My bad. It was chapter 27.

Let me get to it.

The Lord speaks to Moses about the continual daily, weekly, Sabbath, Passover sacrifices. I believe this constant repetition is a prophetic piece of information for the future.

What does it mean to make sacrifices of the best of the best so often? Because ‘the life is in the blood’ and upon the altar, sprinkled. Meaning, the spiritual life is in the blood of the perfect lamb, goat, oil, bread, wine (meat, the bread of life, the blood of life) the prophecy of God working His salvation by His arm since there was no one who would help.

This is exactly what Yeshua talked about ‘… whoever eats of my body and drinks of my blood…’ was about. He was the perfect Lamb of God spoken of through the ages and the prophets.

Remember the people recoiling from Yeshua’s teaching? They didn’t understand the Tanakh from Genesis to Malachi, only ‘their work to salvation.’ Abraham understood this in Genesis when God tested Abraham’s loyalty *He already knew, it was Abraham who needed to remember God came first.. and he did.* How many times (a lot) did God rebuke the people for rote religion, doing the duty without the heart? I might add our own people will follow law to the letter without recognizing that works (following the laws) is not pleasing to God? That all works, all sacrifices, all days or feast, Passover, rest were fulfilled by the perfect blood on the Cross?

There is much in the Tanakh that speaks directly of Yeshua. Conservative estimates are over 900 prophecies (fulfilled and to be fulfilled) – an incomplete list, and over 300 direct references to Yeshua.

The archeology done to date is astounding, it is impossible to say the Tanakh and the New Testament are myths. These are just the scrolls!

Over 1400 years ago, Jerome translated and published both the Tanakh and the New Testament into Latin, meaning his knowledge of Scripture and availability of scrolls and letters were less than 400 years old.

If you don’t believe Jerome, take a look at this: (it’s a short read). 

Before I post THIS which is a great article, I mention Jesus’ word before His death in 33 A.D. that the temple in Jerusalem would torn one stone on top of the other. That happened in 70 A.D. I also might add that none of the NT writers spoke of this, so… the New Testament HAD to be written beforehand. John, the writer of Revelation, was exiled to Patmos and didn’t mention it either. Why? HE WAS ISOLATED ON PATMOS!

Here is the very compelling article between atheists and Christian/Jewish archeology: 

Let me put that into perspective. There is ONE surviving copy of Shakespeare. There are no original manuscripts from Aristotle who was born in 384 BC. An original Plato manuscript? 895 AD. He was born in 427 BC and died 347 BC. That’s over 1200 years.

King David was born in Bethlehem, of the tribe of Judah around 1000 B.C. The earliest archeological find is from the 8th to 9th century B.C. and a seal of his from the 10th century B.C. King Solomon? A seal signet ring found.

The Dead Sea Scrolls were found in a cave by a shepherd boy in 1947. The works preserved the dry heat were dated to the 4th century Before Christ (aka BC). Remember, each century listed is the following, so the earliest writings were in the years of 300-399 BC.

All this great stuff doesn’t even include the coins of Solomon’s kingdom, the inscription of his name on the temple, the dates of the persecution of Christians (64 A.D to 311 A.D.)–that means there were people alive after Jesus died and was resurrected, people from both Judea and Rome who SAW and HEARD Him speak, and the catacombs in Rome where Christians hid, the painting and pottery found: 

During Cyprus’ reign, the Jewish prophets Ezra and Nehemiah prophesied. Coins from this time were found. 

YEAH, but you might say, <chuckle, chuckle> ‘Egypt doesn’t even mention Jews.’ OK. Here ya go.

AH, what about Sodom and Gomorrah? BUT IT WAS A NORMAL PHENOMENA! RIGHT? So, question. If it was normal, how did Abraham know beforehand that it would happen? . Well we all know Abraham was a myth…

LAST I’ll mention Jacob, and one of his 12 sons, Joseph. What was found?

There is NO disputing these facts yet most atheists (generalization) and even many Christians, Jews and agnostics still believe all of these folks were… made up. There is more evidence to prove the old testament (the Tanakh) and the New Testament and the historical figure we know as Yeshua HaMashiach (Yeshua, the Anointed One).

Nothing in the above is meant to force information down one’s throat, it is merely to show the accuracy of history. And… for fun:

noahs ark life size

John Huibers of the Netherlands who, with his sons, hand-built a life-size replica of Noah’s ark. Ships today are built with the same ratio 6:1 so they can float. Picture courtesy of . Just sayin,’ the largest land animal is the elephant. Take several at one day old, each at 200 lbs, 3 foot high, and things look a bit more reasonable. Wolf cubs at 2 weeks- 3.5 pounds. Take the predecessors of the animals rather than the adaptations thereafter at their youngest and the ease of which these animals can fit. And Genesis states that all men, creatures were vegetarians BEFORE the ark. After, they were not.


Another day in the Tenakh


I love the Tenakh (Hebrew scripture) because this is 1. taught by Yeshua and 2. fulfilled by Yeshua. I’ve been planting myself into His word from Genesis to Malachi, steeping myself in understanding in the light of the Gospel, in the light of the culture.

I’m currently at Numbers 26. To sum up Exodus through Leviticus up to this point: Yahweh brought the Hebrews out of slavery (death) into the wilderness, when they all sinned, rebelled, etc. Even Moses and Aaron. Thus, Yahweh said all of that generation would die in the wilderness (including Moses & Aaron). Only Joshua and Caleb would cross into the promised land.

In Numbers (as it implies, doink), Yahweh speaks and commands a census. Now, men of 20 and older are to be conscripted into the army.

So onto Numbers 26. This is an awesome foreshadowing and prophecy for the future. ‘After the plague,’ (picture of disbelief/sin), Eleazar (God helps) counts the men who are able to battle age 20 or more (the first fruits after the release from slavery (sin, the second generation kinda like the NT), gathered before crossing the Jordan River in Moab (from land of sin/death to hope/baptism for the ultimate life, i.e. God’s ultimate redemption-heaven).

God bless your Father’s Day! And our ultimate Father…

Jordan River 


Oh. Oh? Is this a test…?


From what book?


”At that time, Michael the great prince who protects your people will arise. There will be a time of distress such as has not happened from the beginning of nations until then. But at that time your people, everyone whose name is found written in the boo, will be delivered. Multitudes who sleep in the dust of the earth will awake, some to everlasting life, others to shame and everlasting contempt.”

And if you know, share! Comment!

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Daniel 12: 1-3