One may think I don’t…

…I don’t write fiction. I do, but spend a lot more time praying and reading for the guidance of the Holy Spirit. Now, I get it, not everyone wants to hear it, some do, so here is Judges chapter 2.

I am late again today. Blame it on the dire need for coffee because of a late night. So… here it is, and as always, me? Not a theologian. That’s your caveat for the post.

Judges chapter 2: God repeats (again, as in this is so important you’d better remember it) the deliverance from Egypt to the Promised Land (from bondage of sin to freedom and heaven). Here He says he will never break His covenant with Israel, though they be faithless. He would chastise them, judge them, but not forsake them.

So… despite this, once Joshua died, the Israelites disobeyed and fell back into idol worship (because 4 of the tribes of Israel didn’t rout out evil nations, ie sin (‘a little leaven, leavens the whole lump’ Jesus’ words about allowing evil into the synagogues/church, just as we have). Israel quickly forgot (early church, think Galatians specifically, also Revelation) God.

So God gave them back to slavery and bondage to sin through their desire for other nations and their idols. God, however, raised up righteous judges who were faithful in their faith and duties (like our Christian spiritual leaders throughout the world) who suffered under persecution and He saved them (spiritually). People followed whatever they wanted (Romans, Galatians, Timothy etc) and they were judged (as we will face).

He allowed to their willingness of great and painful testing by allowing cruel, evil nations–they lost all. As did the early church, as the Catholics suppressed the word of God, and oppressed the people with harsh law, leading them to Mary worship and works). Those ‘leaders’ will be held accountable for what they pressed upon the people–even driving them from faith. I find this sad, something we must pray about, and for those still in great bondage!

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