More…now Judges

Another cool chapter. And again, I wasn’t sure it would be relevant. Wrong. Remember, I am NOT a theologian. That’s your caveat for the day.

Chapter 1 – Israelites ask, who will go? Answer from God? Judah. Remember Judah is the leader of all tribes from the wife of Jacob, Leah, who he rejected. Judah is the tribe that leads forth, the tribe from which King David came (and this is all in archeology, so put away all that screamin’) and Jesus– through the lineage of Mary (why? Because in Matthew, the lineage is discussed as from Joseph’s side, as per Jewish tradition, while Luke the doc, as he interviewed everyone, wrote of Mary’s lineage, back to David to show Jesus’ humanity).

So as Judah leads and the rest of the tribes must wait, Judah (tribe) caught the 70 leaders of the first town, and while seems harsh, cut off their thumbs and big toes… yikes. However, this is significant in hamstringing, per se, the evil there.

Judah goes on to subdue/destroy all the cities around (again, destruction of evil by the hand of God).

Caleb (servant) promises his daughter (oh, how sexist could this be? Watch… ), Othniel to the first dude that destroys yet another town. That is Acsah. And there, they marry.

Lemme check out them thar names. Othniel means: spiritual and the inner desire for love, companionship, peace, harmony. Othniel represents the church, the believing Jews, referred to in the New Testament. Does she love this dude? I do believe so, desiring his love, his companionship, his peace (ooh through Christ?) and harmony.

Acsah means anklet, meaning, ‘breaking through the veil,’ and here I stop to ponder. In Genesis, chapter 1, Satan is told first by God that he will strike man’s heel, but the promised Messiah will crush Satan’s head, breaking through the law of sin that separates us from God. The temple had a great curtain that no one but the priests could pass through. That curtain was torn top to bottom (significant from heaven to earth). Now we have direct access to God through the cross.

Finally, the line of Moses’ father-in-law followed next, the line of priests. Jethro = friend of God, a shepherd as well.

All righty. The rest of the tribes of Israel who oops forget to conquer through God’s command, ultimately leading to their demise (yet there is a remnant and will be until the end).

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