Losing one of our own…

I live in rural Oregon, Josephine County to be specific. All of rural Oregonians appreciate the dangers of fire and give love and support to ours, whether volunteer or with ODF.

This means we have firefighters, men that work one of the most difficult and dangerous jobs on earth. It is also a thankless job.

So, it is with heavy heart that I bring the news of the death of Rick Boatman, a firefighter who lost his valiant battle not to fire, but to cancer.

Being in and out of chemo and radiation, the insurance didn’t cover everything. He rallied then relapsed, the cycle repeating over and again. Now, there is nothing for funeral expenses.

For a dedicated soul, a man with a family, loved ones, and the respect of our community, the loss is huge. His wife’s struggle is now overwhelming with trying to fund and plan a funeral and pay for medical bills not covered.

I pray that this might move you, to tears, to prayers, to comment on your sadness and prayers on GoFundMe, and if you can, to give.


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