Why I Have Been Absent

No, I’m not dead (writing from the grave…) or deathly ill. I am close to my final rewrite and self-edit before procuring an editor. Saving cash.

author I had to delete a paragraph

Does anyone feel a bit of PTSD after slashing? Well, I don’t. Because I save those scenes in the event I use them in a different book.

OK, so this individual is going to read some more today, write a review of a completed novel, and get back to my rewrite.

WISH ME LUCK. Or better yet, prayers.

2 thoughts on “Why I Have Been Absent

  1. Thank you! I get so bogged down in stuff. Right now, it’s getting my taxes prepped. I hate taxes. That and the work going into it. I have nightmares of taking it down to wherever ie H&R block and finding out I don’t need zip on my tax forms because of the new changes… after all the receipt finding, the paperwork required last year… bleeehhhh


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