The Truth About Isaiah 53

Great post. Too many fall into the trappings of worldly perfection, and shamed when it doesn’t happen. We need to be free of the soil of shame, remember HE is our identity and that in our time, evil will not happen, that suffering and poverty will not happen… but that we are forgiven. In the meantime, rather than standing around expecting to be healed and money dropped on us, we need to extend our hands… we are the hands of God on earth. We are those who should raise one another up, ease the burden of the poor, the ache of the starving, the despair of the imprisoned, clothe those without.

Aspire To Be Who You Were Meant


For weeks now it’s been building. Something so important which is needful that I address it. I realize in doing so some are going to get angry even combative and try to respond with more scriptural verses to prove their thinking and what they’ve been taught is correct, however it is usually in the wrong context. This is where the Lord has brought me back to a scripture that so many Christians are making the mistake of taking out of context. And why shouldn’t we? We’ve been taught it for years. Since I was old enough to understand what they were talking about in church on Sunday and Wednesday, I’ve heard it as well. But no one ever went to the scripture and read it coming to the conclusion it’s not talking about what pastors and leaders have all said it does.  We only saw it as it was taught…

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