What a wild ride. OH, that’s right. Wait.

Got the edits done.

Sent back to agent.

Two days later … email from agent.

HEY, that cannot be good! I didn’t want to open it. I mean. Have you ever watched courtroom shows? Bad news comes quick.


I checked all my other email, first. I chewed a nail. Maybe five. Clicked on the email, then shut my eyes. Opened one. Then the other. Took a deep breath.

OH. He got the manuscript. In about a month + I will hear back.

WHEW and … oh, piffle. Another wait. It is what it is, and at least it wasn’t: “We hate this! Go away!”




2 thoughts on “What a wild ride. OH, that’s right. Wait.

    • Amen! Sorry, the time slipped away probably ’cause I keep forgetting to check my google …. It’s nail biting and sceeery a bit. Will it tank ( hope not )? Will it turn a dollar or two (million) (maybe the dollar…). But in any case no matter how one gets a book out there, traditional, self publish, Indie – you name it – it’s hard word AND mind-blowing the amount of marketing no matter the method by which to publish.


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