A Word About Brad Carl’s Work! And it’s good.


August 19, 2017

Claire O’Sullivan

I finished Grey Areas the Saga this evening. I have to say, some spectacular writing you won’t want to miss if you like thrillers, romance, comedy, drama. I had all four books (novellas) at once, so I wouldn’t have to stop. I was thrilled to read this work. Superglued to my chair.

If I wasn’t such an old lady, I think I would have finished all four in 2 days. As it was, it took me 3.

Four plots (mixed together) in one book, the characters really well fleshed out — if you are yelling at the characters, you know they are real. Their lives collide in a fast pace, with ‘holy crap’ moments every other page. While it’s complex, with a number of characters, because of their originality, it is not difficult to remember who is whom. Dialogue as natural and unique as havving coffee with your friends .

Funny, how things go from bad to worse to reaaaaallly bad when the main character runs from the law. From cartels to a deranged wrestler, and a please throw that 80 yr old off the bus …  

A very engaging book. If you look at one, just purchase all 4 (right now they are $4.99 on Amazon kindle) because it’s well worth it. 4 novellas work out page-wise to 2 novels.

http://bradcarl.com/Click for more cool stuff about Brad and his work.

Click here for the Amazon page: https://www.amazon.com/Grey-Areas-Saga-Books-1-4-ebook/dp/B019YTAC5U/ref=sr_1_2?ie=UTF8&qid=1503193554&sr=8-2&keywords=brad+carl

And don’t forget – if you want a reviewer, ARC reader, and/or private consultation, I charge for those of us who are starving artists, $10 for the whole shebang. Especially helpful for those who self-publish, Indie and on a shoestring budget. c.mahoney.fnp@gmail.com  

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