Father’s Day

One of the most cherished holidays of the season. When I was young, I often missed Mother’s Day, Father’s Day.

I didn’t appreciate the importance of thanking my parents for all the love they’d given me, for every decision I made. For the material/immaterial things that kids sometimes don’t get.

Now, they’re gone. Passed a long time ago, but now … I wish I could tell them how much I appreciate them.

Anyone else feel like a heel?

I don’t know how it happened, ’cause I hadn’t put any weight on these holidays, but my son, once he was old enough to understand and every year since, has given me a card, chocolate, or taken me to brunch. Today, he and his girlfriend treated my husband to brunch and I got to tag along.

If I had a time machine …

Thank you Mom and Dad for all your love. And today, Dad, I wish I could smell that really stinky cigar, just one more time.



2 thoughts on “Father’s Day

  1. Hunt down the Luther Vandross video of his song “Dance With My Father.” I can’t listen to it these days, because it makes me cry, even 20 years after my father left us.

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    • You want me to CRY??? CRY? I don’t like to cry. Gives me migraines. So … I probably won’t hunt down Dance with my Father (Yes, you know I will). I used to dance with my dad when I was a tyke, on his toes. Giggle and giggle. And he was so flamboyant about it, it cracked me up (and anyone around). OK FINE I haven’t looked at it yet and what, I am crying that I am not 5 yrs old again. PHTTP.


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