Today, I have to get to the ghetto garden before the heat strikes and the flowers fade … ok the veggies. So to make this totally short, I have been busy rewriting Forget Me Not: Non Compos Mentis.

I am ‘freaking out’ in the WHEEEE! that an agent has asked for my entire manuscript, How to Steal a Romance.

Please follow me at:  http://cmahoneyfnp.wixsite.com/claireosullivan

AND follow the extraordinary Kristen Lamb at http://authorkristenlamb.com Her blog is great. She speaks the truth about writing. Social media. AND her book Devil’s Dance is what I say is great writing.

CLAIRE O’SULLIVAN – looking forward to comments on my blog.

You can also find me on Facebook – authorclaire https://www.facebook.com/claire.osullivan.332 and author page:https://www.facebook.com/ClaireOSullivanChristianRomanceAuthor/

Twitter !   @authorclaire1

Follows would be totally awesome!

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