Write that blog!

Holy moly. I’m in a few advice for newbie groups, and today, both of them touched on the importance of social media. I’m awaiting one to see if I can post it here and on my website/blog and Facebook….

YA, I have social media. Most of it is political satire (or not) and/or utter piffle, but I find that it happily keeps me from working on my new WIP. Hey, I’m thinking, okay? Yeesh.

It’s tough to push a novel yet to be published. I can say with unfettered ecstasy  that after five years, it’s being considered -or at least read- by Agency of Choice, Steve Laube Agency. If not for smelling salts, I may have passed out when I received the request for … the … entire thing. YAY! Brown bag, breathe. Smelling salts. Cold splash of water. Okay. Hit SEND and start the prayer process.

So, here’s my blurb, followed by what could be the back flap:

Identity thief, Catherine Cade, and Detective Rick Calhoun must find a killer. When the killer comes for her, what will Calhoun sacrifice to save the woman he loves?

Yes, she’s having a tough time, trying to go straight, and using her skills to escape a brutal ex-partner from town to town seems oxymoronic. A murdered councilman catches her attention, and she must overcome her fear of prison to find the truth.  Until the detective catches her in the act. Instead of prison, he blackmails her. Now, she’s stuck. What, report him to the police? Good luck on that one.

This could be bad. She doesn’t expect to be free from her ex-partner. She sure as heck doesn’t expect to fall in love with the detective. What she can barely fathom is that God will meet her where she is at and why Calhoun would pay any price for her safety.

Now you know! I will be dancing and singing if it is published. Then I’ll be on every social media freeeeeeaaaaaking out. Happily, of course.

So look, no politically charged stuff! I amaze myself, too. Hoping you have a happy, productive and satisfying day.


Cindy Mahoney (aka pen name, Claire O’Sullivan)


follow me on Twitter @authorclaire1 and Facebook: BTW I follow back https://www.facebook.com/ClaireOSullivanChristianRomanceAuthor/

and for those who want to see my non PC conservative political and anything else that may or may not tickle or rankle me: https://www.facebook.com/claire.osullivan.332



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