Now What?

NanoWrimo is over for another year. Well, wait until Nano Boot Camp, but that doesn’t quite count.

What to do once your 50,000 mark has finished? I used to say, keep writing, editing. I’ve changed my mind. Why? ‘Cause I had to face plant into bed, and other Nano events were quite similar.

After a few days of babbling, drooling with a blank stare, and slack-jawed, I figured I needed a rest. Go for a walk. Hit my boxing stand. Put the cookies away (okay, I finished them. That’s away, right?).

Rather than fiddling with the MS, I am letting it stew. I have worked ‘a bit’ more on the synopsis for How to Steal a Romance.

What I have actively done is get back into social media (like, today was dedicated to it, and now my arse hurts). The English Patient is next on my list of books to read while I finish a Kindle book.

I’ll go back to Scribophile in a bit when I have at least one chapter of Non Compos Mentis ‘mostly’ edited to my satisfaction.

I’ll give it ’til perhaps the end of the month to let my brain cells regenerate before I go hog wild on editing.

‘Scuse me, I gotta go read.


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