A Nano Event

Well, howdy.

Today, I meet with other Wrimos in Rogue Valley at a coffee shop were we abuse more coffee, connect, dish about anything and everything . . .  and I suspect stick our heads into our respective laptops.

I’ve never been to a Wrimo event. So all of the above could be true or false. What I do know is we will support and encourage each other in our endeavor. That 50,000 mark. Whew!

I planned and plotted, spent a bazillion days doing so, and the bones have come alive much faster than in the days of pantsing. Yesterday, I broke my record. Of course, I had time to do so . . . 6000 words. IN ONE DAY. And, it’s not the same word over and over.

I hope to keep up the frenzied rate. . . HOPE is the operative word. Once it’s done, it will take time, slogging through the edit(s).

Off I run. It’s closing in on Nano and coffee. Wonder if they have any doughnuts?


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